Episode 4 of “Let’s Talk About CBD”: CBD for Senior Dogs + Anxiety + PTSD in Humans and Dogs with Cathi Wilcox, Owner of “Ultimate Air Dogs” Dock Jumping

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Cathi Wilcox, along with her husband, former Detroit Tigers Pitcher, Milt Wilcox, run the Dock Jumping Organization, “Ultimate Air Dogs”.

Cathi has seen some seemingly miraculous CBD healing stories for her own dogs; including an incredible boost in vitality in her senior dog, a calming effect on her dogs suffering from Post Traumatic Stress & Anxiety during Thunder storms, speedy recovery from Dock Diving and Protection training, topical skin healing from bug bites, etc., and thus firmly believes in, and resells our Natural Pet Oil. 

For herself, she has seen a reduction in Anxiety & PTSD and received some much-needed Sleep Support from our True Natural Oils Bliss Formula

Cathi has seen a clearing of Skin Rashes from chafing from using our Golden Bee Hemp Pain Salve. 

It is also her husband, Milt’s, favorite product for his Neuropathy!

Share this episode with anyone you think may benefit from CBD for their own health or their pet’s health!

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