Episode 4 of “Let’s Talk About CBD”: CBD for Senior Dogs + Anxiety + PTSD in Humans and Dogs with Cathi Wilcox, Owner of “Ultimate Air Dogs” Dock Jumping

SPOTIFY at: PODCASTS at: Cathi Wilcox, along with her husband, former Detroit Tigers Pitcher, Milt Wilcox, run the Dock Jumping Organization, “Ultimate Air Dogs”. Cathi has seen some seemingly miraculous CBD healing stories for her own dogs; including an incredible boost in vitality in her senior dog, a calming effect on her dogs suffering from Post Traumatic Stress & Anxiety during…

CBD for Dog Cancer: Supported by Clinical Studies

The use of CBD products for pets, namely dogs and cats, has been widely adopted for its benefits in aiding with inflammation, cancer, and the other health issues that arise from aging in animals. The benefits of CBD in the “frosted faces” of our loved ones is easily noticeable, as many pets experience an increase…


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