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Extra Strength Pain Relief

1000 mg Broad Spectrum CBD for Inflammation
Menthol for Icy-Hot Relief
Arnica for Bruises & Sprains
Select Organic Terpenes for Body Tension

“I used to take Ibuprofen to get through the days…I’ve spent a lot of money on CBD drops and balms and lotions…Golden Bee Hemp is the first product I can actually feel working, and quickly!
It smells fresh and grassy, has a slight tingle when you rub it in, it melts like butter, and there is no greasy residue.”


What Our Customers are Saying


“I have the worst back pain, and Golden Bee creams are the only ones that work!”


“I have a cervical spinal cord injury… I suffer from extreme neuropathic pain. I just put on this topical CBD (pain salve) and within 10 minutes all my pain went away and I feel amazing right now.”


“I live with pain from Osteo Arthritis every day. This product has helped the joints in my hands find sustained relief for the first time in 2 years….it really works.

So much more than an Icy Hot!


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CBD for Dog Cancer: Supported by Clinical Studies

The use of CBD products for pets, namely dogs and cats, has been widely adopted for its benefits in aiding with inflammation, cancer, and the other health issues that arise from aging in animals. The benefits of CBD in the “frosted faces” of our loved ones is easily noticeable, as many pets experience an increase…


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About Our Founder, Rylee Josipovich:

Rylee dedicates her knowledge of Plant Medicine to the rising healing potential of CBD and other Cannabinoids. She received a Bachelors of Business Entrepreneurship from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She comes from a line of entrepreneurs, and is always focused on innovation in business, especially in plant medicine. She has a background in Herbalism, as well as cosmetics, which she has used to create CBD topicals under the line Golden Bee Hemp. Founded in 2016, Golden Bee Hemp has worked alongside True Natural Oils until becoming acquired by the company in 2021, becoming a larger part of Natural Oils Inc. Rylee donates her plant wisdom to writing CBD education under True Natural Oil’s blog, as well as Golden Bee Hemp’s blog.

She is also the host of our Podcast, “Let’s Talk About CBD” available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

Golden Bee Hemp’s Pain Salve was developed by Rylee in 2016 during an especially painful time in her life. Rylee considers herself a healer, and developed this recipe through ancestral guidance. In 2021, she teamed up with Registered Pharmacist, Robin McDonald, to bolster the line of products with the addition of an Extra Strength Pain Salve with 1000mg + Plant Terpenes for extra relief.

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