About our Founder

Hi, I’m Rylee Josipovich, founder of Golden Bee Hemp.

I believe strongly that keeping plant wisdom alive in these modern times is a crucial aspect to healing.

I receive the gifts of Nature with gratitude, and humbly dedicate my life’s work to serving as an advocate for Mother Earth through bridging the ancestral with the modern.

Me on the beach in Mayto, Jalisco next to one of our Wellness Centers.

Inspired by my Mexican Roots, and guided by ancestors, I celebrate life on both Mexican and American soil. I dance to the rhythm of life, thank Venus to bring me beauty, and let my heart lead the way. I am an open flower carrying within me an abundance of seeds that I scatter into the wind to take root where they may. Blessings become me, in harmony with my own flowering. The waters of emotion swirl through me, carrying abundant light energy. I welcome bliss, and invite the bees to drink my nectar.

With a background and lifelong learning journey of plant medicine, I guide others through their healing journey. I have served as a channeler of plant medicine recipes, including my CBD Pain Salve that I developed in 2016 during an especially painful time of my life.

In 2021, I was able to bolster the line of products with the addition of an Extra Strength 1000mg + Plant Terpenes formula with the help of my now business partner, Robin, RPh.

I also hold a BBA and serve as a co-owner, co-creator, and COO of CBD Companies Natural Pet Oil, and True Natural Oils, and Rylee Robin Skincare (coming soon).

I am further realizing my call to service by currently leading others through plant ceremonies, studying plant medicine with local healers, and establishing Wellness Centers along my ancestral coast of Jalisco, Mexico.

Share in the celebration of life with me. Let us give gifts back to Mother Nature as we respectfully take what is given. Let us share in the abundance that is here for all of us and never empties as we take only what we need. And give thanks for all of life to be sustained.

Local bees I photographed in Jalisco
After a Divine Feminine Belly Dancing Class on the grounds of Terra Noble Art & Healing Center