CBD & Dosage: How Do I Know How Much CBD to take?

“I DON’T REALLY FEEL ANYTHING DIFFERENT.” This is heard so many times among CBD users who are concerned about their dose being low when first starting CBD. More than likely, too low! And then, consequently, they don’t follow up with what their “sweet spot dose” of CBD truly is.

It is commonly suggested to find your “sweet spot” dosage of CBD. You can do so by gradually increasing your CBD ingestion little by little as you are feeling the benefits. The thought is to keep increasing your dosage slowly until you notice the benefits leveling out- that is, until you stop feeling an increase of benefits, or you feel the same as on the lower dose.

The important things to remember here are to start low, go slow, and to stick with it.

CBD works with your endocannabinoid system in an interesting way; the more you consume it, the more receptive your body becomes to it. It might take some people a couple of months of continuous CBD consumption in order to fully experience the benefits of the compound. For others, they may experience effects right away. You may have different experiences with CBD from your peers because each body’s biological makeup & balance within homeostasis is different.

Also to note: CBD does NOT make you high and you will probably not feel any immediate effects when taking it. Rather, you may gradually notice the absence of some of your ailments.

Of course, having a CBD oil that you trust for exact potency and to contain the exact ingredients advertised on the bottle, is a very important factor. Please read below to discover how we safely dose our True Natural Oils tinctures, and other CBD safety information.

True Natural Oils offers different CBD oils with various strengths. Hence, one drop of full-spectrum CBD oil with 750 mg of CBD concentration is not the same as one drop of full-spectrum CBD oil with 3000mg of CBD. When choosing the best dosage for you, there are some things to be considered:

For example, the CBD concentration in each CBD oil bottle, the user’s body weight and the intensity of the condition that is to be treated. Even after determining these factors, there is still no ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of dosage. One option is to consume 1-6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight or to start.

Here’s how we take our True Natural Oils tinctures:⁣

 -3000mg/30ml TRUE FUSION = 100mg/ml. – dose 0.5 ml (1/2 dropperful) twice daily = 100mg/day hold under tongue for 1minute to optimize absorption⁣.⁣
-1500mg/30ml TRUE BLISS = 50mg/ml. – dose 0.5ml – 1.0 ml twice to three times daily. 25mg to 50mg , 2-3 times a day. 0.5ml=(1/2 dropperful) hold under tongue for 1 minute to optimize absorption⁣.⁣
-750mg /30ml TRUE WELLNESS=  25mg/ml. – dose 1 ml up to 2 ml in the evening for restful sleep. 0.5 ml = (1/2 dropperful) hold under tongue for 1minute to optimize absorption.⁣

Here, we divide our doses to make sure that the effects are evenly spaced out, and to ensure the body receives the compound well, especially if you are just starting out & getting used to CBD.

In comparison, the only FDA approved CBD – Epidiolex – is dosed as follows: Median dose is 12.5 mg/kg given twice daily. Maximum dose is 25 mg/kg given daily. For the median dose, if you weigh 150 pounds then 852 mg of CBD given twice daily would be FDA recommended. Now that is not a feasible dosage for general relief of pain or anxiety. It would require many ml’s of the oils to achieve this dosage. What I would like to point out is that the FDA deems that dosage as a safe treatment dosage.

Similarly, the WHO reports that CBD is a natural substance that “is non-toxic in non-transformed cells and does not induce changes on food intake, does not induce catalepsy, does not affect physiological parameters (heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature), does not affect gastrointestinal transit and does not alter psychomotor or psychological functions. Also, chronic use and high doses up to 1,500 mg/day of CBD are reportedly well tolerated in humans.”

Always consult with a doctor or contact the provider to get more information and some tips. You could experience tiredness, diarrhea or lightheadedness if your dosage is off. In some cases, there might be a change in weight as well. Normally, these symptoms should subside within a week or so, but be sure to monitor how you are feeling for mood, sleep, diet or any other fluctuations.

*This is not medical advice.* Please comment below if you have any other questions or need clarification.

This article was written by Rylee, founder of Golden Bee Hemp, and Robin, Research & Product Development Specialist of Golden Bee Hemp, True Natural Oils & Natural Pet Oil.

Not Medical Advice. Not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.

Written By: Rylee Josipovich. Host of Let’s Talk About CBD Podcast, Founder of Golden Bee Hemp, COO of True Natural Oils & Natural Pet Oil.

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