How Can I talk to my Doctor about Cannabis?

It is the duty of the healthcare professional to ask nonjudgmental assessment questions about Cannabis use, provide unbiased information, and help guide the patient to use it wisely. Physicians currently cannot prescribe CBD. However, the better informed they are the more they can help improve adherence to healthy behaviors. As a doctor, important considerations forContinue reading “How Can I talk to my Doctor about Cannabis?”

CBD for Brain Health: Treatment in Preventing Strokes

“Cannabinoids and Blood–Brain Barrier (BBB): The BBB works as an effective border between the [Central Nervous System], and systemic circulation & microglia represents the main line of defense of the brain. When neuroinflammation occurs, the BBB protective function can be reduced by an inflammatory reaction from an immune-related cells involvement. The BBB is prone toContinue reading “CBD for Brain Health: Treatment in Preventing Strokes”

CBD for Diabetes: Effective on Neuropathic Complications

Diabetic Neuropathies (DPNs) is the most common complication associated with diabetes and is a leading cause of disability due to foot ulcerations, fall risks and can lead to infection and limb amputation.  CBD play roles in modulating neurotransmission and immune function. When a nerve is injured or damaged, nociceptive (pain receptor) pathways and the immuneContinue reading “CBD for Diabetes: Effective on Neuropathic Complications”

What Does the World Health Organization (WHO) say about CBD?

The following is page 18/27 of The World Health Organization’s report on CBD’s potential benefits: In terms of safety, the WHO reports: “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential. “To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health related problems associated with theContinue reading “What Does the World Health Organization (WHO) say about CBD?”

CBD for Stress & Disease: Enabling Self as Healer

Modern-day science continues to show the link between Stress & Disease. We continue to learn how stress leads to inflammation, which leads to disease. “Chronic stress results [in] failures of homeostasis, [and] thus leads to various diseases such as atherosclerosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and depression. However, while 75%–90% of human diseases is relatedContinue reading “CBD for Stress & Disease: Enabling Self as Healer”

CBD: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

As more people are trying CBD for their Health, you may be curious if it can help you, among many of the other questions you may have about CBD. I want to answer some common questions here: 1. Question: Why would I consider CBD for my Health? Answer: The whole point of taking CBD OilContinue reading “CBD: 10 Frequently Asked Questions”

Ingredient Spotlight: Terpenes- What Are They & How Can They Help with Inflammation?

Terpenes are phytochemicals- that is, naturally occurring “chemicals” found in plants (and some bugs). They give plants (and essential oils) their aroma, and aren’t necessarily that appealing on their own. However, when added to a CBD product- MAGIC! Terpenes extracted from cannabis offer a wide range of benefits when combined with CBD. When terpenes work together with CBD,Continue reading “Ingredient Spotlight: Terpenes- What Are They & How Can They Help with Inflammation?”

CBD Topicals: Why Would I Put CBD on my Skin, and Could it Help with my Arthritis?

CBD topical application is considered the latest breakthrough in managing joint pain and inflammation. Together with its highly effective pain relieving properties, it possesses systemic absorption as well. ⁣ ⁣CBD is absorbed through the skin where it binds to the body’s own CB2 receptors. Once it connects with these receptors, CBD has a pain relievingContinue reading “CBD Topicals: Why Would I Put CBD on my Skin, and Could it Help with my Arthritis?”

The Endocannabinoid System: The Role CBD Plays in Inflammatory Processes in the Body

Did you know that virtually every organism on Earth has an endocannabinoid system moderated by cannabinoids like CBD? Let’s dive into how CBD work in the human body… Cannabis affects the body because its bioactive compounds bind to and activate tiny receptors encoded by our genes. These receptors are proteins on the membranous surface of ourContinue reading “The Endocannabinoid System: The Role CBD Plays in Inflammatory Processes in the Body”