Ingredient Spotlight: Terpenes- What Are They & How Can They Help with Inflammation?

Terpenes are phytochemicals- that is, naturally occurring “chemicals” found in plants (and some bugs). They give plants (and essential oils) their aroma, and aren’t necessarily that appealing on their own. However, when added to a CBD product- MAGIC! Terpenes extracted from cannabis offer a wide range of benefits when combined with CBD. When terpenes work together with CBD,Continue reading “Ingredient Spotlight: Terpenes- What Are They & How Can They Help with Inflammation?”

What to Look for in CBD Products

When it comes to CBD products, quality is everything. In this rapidly growing industry there are many companies basically selling lessor quality oil slapped with a label claiming to be “high-quality CBD.” In an industry saturated with imposters, it’s important to find companies you can trust and who actually sell a product that works. GoldenContinue reading “What to Look for in CBD Products”

Ingredient Spotlight: Arnica

I want to share with you one of the ingredients that I chose to include in my Pain Salve because of its strong medicinal qualities- Arnica Montana. Arnica flowers have been used for centuries because they are known to support circulation, thus allowing oxygen to reach injured cells faster. In terms of bruises, sprains, andContinue reading “Ingredient Spotlight: Arnica”