Episode 2 of “Let’s Talk About CBD”: CBD for Dog Sports + Anxiety while traveling with Team Natural Pet Oil Captains: Donna Mobilia and her Dock Diving Champion Belgian Malinois

APPLE PODCASTShttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lets-talk-about-cbd/id1639848427

Welcome to Let’s Talk About CBD, a show that highlights how CBD helps people & pets live better lives; supported by research, medical professionals, and lots and lots of real-life stories!

We answer your most common questions, as well as interview people who use CBD to hear about their journeys.

Come learn, laugh, and maybe even cry as we hear about all the lives made better by CBD!

Donna and her Belgian Malinois, Bullitt, lead the team we have built around all the Dog Athletes using our Natural Pet Oil for their Health, Performance, and Recovery!

From Dock Diving, Dog Surfing, Scent – Work Dogs, Search & Rescue Dogs, Obedience Dogs, Rally Dogs, Fetch-it, Fast Cat, Frisbee Disc Dogs, learn about the team we call “TEAM NPO” founded upon the powers of CBD!

Get inspired by Donna’s healing as she details the benefits she personally has seen from using our human lines like our Golden Bee Hemp Pain Salve, and True Natural Oils Tinctures & Lotion!

Natural Pet Oil Products: https://www.naturalpetoil.com/

Human CBD Products: https://www.truenaturaloils.com/ 

Topical Pain Salve for Humans: https://goldenbeehemp.com/

Thank you for reading! Share this link with anyone you think may benefit from CBD for their own health or their pet’s health!


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