CBD for Grounding Yourself

Becoming grounded in this reality is a crucial aspect to experiencing life to the fullest. No matter your spiritual practice, it is important to feel like you are here, now, fully, and that you belong to the present moment.

CBD can become a helpful tool in this process as we are able to take that step back from the egoic self- the “I am” and to take a look at how we are living. There is something to be said about calling an existential thought a “high thought”. We are all familiar with comedic portrayals in television or movies of a person that’s high taking a step back from this 3d reality and looking at themselves in a removed way. For example, someone looking at their hands and thinking – “is this really my body?” or that experience of feeling like time is moving so slow.

Cannabis has ways of activating an extrasensory aspect to this body. Scientifically, CBD has been proven to work in the Brain, specifically the Hippocampus, to “regulate synchrony of neuronal ensembles, enabling us to process context of self within our psychophysical environment” (Robbe eta l. 2006; Katona and Freund 2008; Gerdeman 2008a).

This process of taking a look at ourselves within our environment is exactly the process used in meditation to activate your third eye chakra/pineal gland. Instead of looking at the world with our eyes like we normally do, we look at the back of our eyes as if acting as the viewer of the viewer viewing the world, per se.

In addition to the sacred powers of cannabis, the aromas of our CBD salve activate our earthly senses. As we inhale the aromas, smelling them deeply, we experience the present moment as we allow our body to fully immerse itself in that aroma. We effectively tell our body that it is okay to “Stop and smell the Roses” and fully be present in the now.

The pain relieving qualities of our salve can also provide relief from past pain, or future worry, that has manifested in the body. The Icy cool & warmingly hot sensations of the salve activate a polarizing sensation on our body. The polarity of experiencing cold and hot at the same time can activate a sort of “neither here-nor-there” sensation and allows us to confront this reality.

Allow me to share one practice that I have been utilizing to help me become more grounded. I start by imagining myself as a very serene lake that holds calm, still waters. In knowing that water ripples can carry as far as a wave crashing on a distant shore, I imagine that there are no ripples emanating from me. In doing so, I pause my mind, and I hold the space for ripples to be made. I effectively say there is nothing coming forth from me now, but I hold the potential for all realities to be made possible. In placing myself as this calm lake, I can allow for my energy to be very intentional and aware of its present reality.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience and product with you as I continuously work to ground myself in this reality. It is important to note that energy can get stuck in the body and manifest itself as pain. As we allow ourselves to take a step back from our physical body, we can check-in with ourselves, and flow forward with the confidence of self that is rooted & firmly grounded so that nothing can knock us over 😉

This article was written by Rylee, and guided by higher beings. Thank you for allowing me to share my gifts.

Please let me state that I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). 

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