A Chiropractor Reviews my CBD Pain Salve

One thing I am guilty of is giving away my product too frequently, especially when I believe it can help someone with the ailments they are complaining to me about.

I identify so strongly as a healer, and believe in my product so much, that oftentimes when people express interest but are hesitant, I give them my product for free and tell them they can pay me if it provides them with relief. This method has provided me much success, and makes everyone feel more comfortable.

In the case of my chiropractor, she had expressed how much pain she lives with, and how long it has plagued her. When I offered my Extra Strength Pain Salve, she met me with much hesitation, saying neither CBD nor Arnica has ever provided her any benefit. I basically forced her to take my product and said if anything, maybe the other plant extracts in the salve would work for her.

Imagine HOW HAPPY I was to hear that she was benefitting- and even recommending my Pain Salve!! Please read her review that she texted me below:

Golden Bee Hemp Pain Salve, Lemongrass, is the first CBD topical that has helped me.  I have had chronic pain for over 30 years and it is so great to have found a product that actually helps me. After 20 years of trying many different CBD or combo topicals, I had come to a decision that they were not going to be helpful for me, so I am thrilled.

The presentation is also nice and the glass jar is full of product, unlike some other companies who have plastic jars with a small insert inside a jar that appears to be more volume. This makes the product more earth friendly as well. I am actually very surprised that this works for me when so many others did literally nothing for me. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Susan Colby

Thank you Dr. Colby for this review, and thank you to my readers for the constant support. Sending love to you all!


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