Golden Bee: An Introduction

In this post, I will introduce you to me, my purpose, and my goals for this journey!

Hi there! Welcome to my website. My name is Rylee, and I developed my concept for Golden Bee Hemp in Laguna Beach in 2016.

Shortly after becoming vegan, I sought to create a holistic solution for body pain using the magical powers of a sacred plant I have come to know pretty well, Cannabis.

I have always dabbled in the world of plant medicine, aromatherapy, DIY candles, body butters, and everything clean. Ask my friends- I’ve always been a walking encyclopedia for ingredients lists, carefully avoiding toxins, carcinogens, and anything petroleum-based.

I thought that when my Dad was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2013, or my Abuelita (grandmother) with Glioblastoma (the most aggressive type of brain cancer) in 2015, that my passion for everything clean finally made sense. However, my knowledge about health was not enough to save either of them, and now I see that it was never meant to.

Instead, I shifted my focus to healing. Before my grandmother passed, I decided to take a step in the direction of healing myself by going vegan (5 years now!), and to heal others by creating something to ease pain for those going through similar situations.

Knowing that I can’t “save” people, but can offer them just a bit of magic with Cannabis, Arnica Flowers, menthol, essential oils, and just a few other ingredients, I created my Golden Bee Pain Salve.

I hope you will come along this journey with me as we heal, educate ourselves on the gifts of Cannabis & natural solutions, and do what we can to save the bees, and help Mother Earth along the way!

Thank you for reading and do send me a message if you have anything to share or have a topic you would like me to cover!

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